Sensei Greg Williams


Sensei Greg Williams has been a student of  Martial Arts since 1988. He has been Teaching since 1991. He holds ranks in 6 different systems (JuJitsu, BJJ, Judo, DKI, Shotokan, and American style Kickboxing).He is still a student and continues to learn from the best! His first teacher was Tom Renner, with whom he still continues to be ranked under (currently a 4th Dan.)

He was profoundly infuenced by the late, great Wally Jay. He had the pleasure of meeting Prof. Jay in 1988, and toured with him in the mid 90s duing the "Big Three" seminars with George Dillman, and the late Remy Presas.

While living in L.A. for 10 years, He had the honor of training with Benny"The Jet" Urquidez, and Rigan Machado.He competed in the art of Judo for Antelope Valley Judo club, under Steve Bell. Also learning from Willy Cahill (Olympic Judo coach)

Ian Milligan

Ian is a second degree black belt and  has trained Jujitsu under Sensei Greg Williams since 2014. He began training Jujitsu with his oldest son and fell in love with martial arts immediately. Ian assists Sensei Greg with teaching jujitsu and also leads the Kaze grappling program.